Thank You For honoring 
Our vietnam veterans

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The Biggest, Baddest Most Patriotic Celebration

2022 Results
  • 35,000+ in Attendance
  • 25,000+ Veterans Honored
  • 10,000+ Vietnam Veterans Welcomed Home
  • 1,200+ Enrolled in PTSD Programs
  • Hundreds of Stories of Healing


Our mission is to give our Heroes the Honor they deserve. We’re passionate that no Hero gets left behind, so we’ve made this festival FREE to ALL veterans, active military, and their spouses. Your support enables us to host events like the Heroes Honor Festival and provide access to resources for mental, emotional, physical and spiritual care. 

The Heroes Honor Festival is hosted by Engage Your Destiny, a 501c3 organization on a mission to bring Honor, Hope and Healing to active military, veterans and their families. Each donation is tax-deductible and used to advance this mission. 

Why We Do What We Do
Watch Jimmy V's Story