A patriotic PUBLIC tribute
honoring our vietnam veterans

About heroes honor festival

The 2022 Heroes Honor Festival is the biggest, baddest, most-patriotic celebration honoring our Vietnam veterans. Organized by the non-profit Engage Your Destiny (EYD) and 9/11 generation of wartime veterans, HHF is open to the public over Memorial Day Weekend at the Daytona International Speedway. The two-day celebration features world-class entertainment, family events, interactive exhibits, reunions and a veterans resource expo.

Why is this happening now?

Because our society rejected Vietnam Veterans when they came home from active duty, many have endured physical, emotional and spiritual challenges over the past 50 years. Despite this, many of them vowed that those who follow never experience that rejection. In honor of their valor both in battle and at home, EYD is launching the Heroes Honor Festival as a way to honor these guardians of honor—to give Vietnam Veterans the kind of honor that American veterans of recent wars in the Middle East have received. Watch this video to learn more about the origins of this incredible event.

"As a Vietnam veteran I deeply appreciate the work of these young vets to honor us and I know my brothers in arms will too. God's hand is on this movement and I know it will be a blessing to all who attend."

— Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin

Who Should Attend?

Everyone is welcome at the Heroes Honor Festival, a multi-day event featuring top entertainment, pageantry, and plenty of memorable moments for:

  • Vietnam Veterans
  • Family & Friends
  • All Americans

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Ensure every Vietnam vet is welcomed home and invite your friends and family today.