It is time to honor the guardians of honor

Our society rejected Vietnam Veterans when they came home from active duty, many have endured physical, emotional and spiritual challenges over the past 50 years. Despite this, many Vietnam Veterans vowed that those who followed would never experience the same rejection they did. The result was Vietnam Veterans became the guardians of honor of future welcome home ceremonies. The Heroes Honor Festival is a public tribute honoring our Vietnam Veterans for being the guardians of honor they are to our men and women of uniform and our country. It is a grand display of appreciation from 9/11 era veterans & citizens to our Vietnam Veterans.

...Because They Were Mistreated

Our Vietnam Veterans were mistreated by our society when they came home from war. Despite many veterans being drafted without choice, they were shamed on their return to the USA. The political and societal climates of the day were vicious towards Vietnam Veterans. Instead of applause, they had full bottles and rotten food thrown at them, some experienced even worse. Many were spit on; many were instructed to not wear their uniform in public. It is shameful how our heroes were treated.

"As a Vietnam veteran I deeply appreciate the work of these young vets to honor us and I know my brothers in arms will too. God's hand is on this movement and I know it will be a blessing to all who attend."

— Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin

...Because They Were shamed

Vietnam left many changed forever. Some carried scars physically. Others emotionally. The toll Vietnam took on our warriors will never be fully understood by those who were not in the war. The path to normal life has been daunting for many. 

...Because They Guarded the welcomed home Future veterans despite their treatment

It was Vietnam Veterans who rose up to defend the welcome home of 9/11 era veterans. Protesters started demonstrating at funerals of fallen soldiers. It was the Vietnam Veterans who said, "never again". Never again will a veteran be shamed coming home from combat because Vietnam Veterans stood up to defend the welcome home. It is time we pay them back and honor them as the guardians of honor they truly are.

"The Heroes Honor festival was created by 9/11 vets to pay tribute to our vietnam veterans and give them the same welcome home they gave us but never received."

— ben peterson, founder, Heroes Honor Festival, OIF vet